About Us
Everbright Group

To develop Everbright Group into a globally-competitive, world-class financial holdings group in the next decade;

To develop Everbright Environment into a world-leading ecological and environmental management company in five to ten years.

About Everbright Group

China Everbright Group Ltd. ("Everbright Group"), was established in Hong Kong in May 1983 as an enterprise that was at the forefront of China's reform and opening up process early on, and a key pioneer of the country's emerging financial holdings group business model. Everbright Group has made a positive contribution towards the construction of China's economy as well as the country's reform and opening up process. Having made remarkable progress in terms of its operations, and with its strong brand reputation, Everbright Group has successfully established its business segments and extended its foreign operations. It has developed into a large financial holdings group not only consisting of financial business segments that focus on a number of areas, including banking, securities, insurance, asset management, trusts, futures and financial leasing, but also industrial business entities ranging from ecological and environmental management and new energy to cultural travel and medical care. Everbright Group is now a large financial holdings group with businesses that span across domestic and international markets with a full range of licenses.

Development Strategy of Everbright Group

"Four、Three、Three" Initiative

To create "Four World-leading"、"Three First-class"、"Three Distinctive" Everbright Companies in five to ten years.

"Four World-leading Companies":

  • A world-leading ecological and environmental management company
  • A world-leading integrated travel services provider
  • A world-leading cross-border asset management company
  • A world-leading aircraft leasing company

"Three First-class Companies in China":

  • China's first-class joint-equity commercial bank
  • China's first-class investment bank
  • China's first-class trust company

"Three Distinctive Companies in China":

  • A distinctive health, medical care and elderly care service provider
  • A distinctive and reputable life insurance company
  • A distinctive industrial investment company