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Being the technology research and development ("R&D") innovation engine of Everbright Environment, the envirotech sector has substantially established the "Four-in-One" technological innovation and R&D layout with platforms in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Qingdao, in order to build a global platform dedicated to green technological innovation and technology conversion, and to better promote Everbright Environment's strategic plan of pursuing development that is driven by technology and innovation.

As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Environment had been granted a total of 1,008 patents, including 116 invention patents, 796 utility patents, 91 software copyright licenses and 5 appearance patents.

Everbright Environment's major R&D progress and results in 2020 are summarised as follows:

  Research Results/Topics
Solid Waste Treatment
  • Completed R&D, system development and equipment design relating to the 60 tonnes/day ash plasma melting furnace
  • Applied optimised anti-coking design for small-scale waste incinerators at Everbright Environment's Shandong Ju County Waste-to-energy Project, with good operational outcome
  • Completed coupled preparation of active carbon at biomass plants, with relevant demonstration project entering trial run upon completion of construction
Flue Gas Treatment
  • Completed R&D and optimisation of a large-capacity waste incineration wet deacidification system, which has been in stable operation at Everbright Environment's Changzhou Waste-to-energy Project
  • Completed R&D of the high-temperature metal pre-cleaner technology for waste incineration, first of this type at home and abroad
Water Treatment
  • Conducted research of direct contact evaporation technology relating to leachate concentrate, which has been commissioned in Everbright Environment's Jiangxi Ji'an Waste-to-energy Project
Intelligent Control
  • Applied the intelligent technologies that could start or stop relevant equipment with one single click at Everbright Environment's Jiangsu Jiangyin Waste-to-energy Project Phase III, enhancing the automatic operation efficiency and reliability of the relevant system
  • Applied intelligent automatic combustion control (ACC) system with independent intellectual property rights at Everbright Environment's waste-to-energy projects in Boluo County of Guangdong Province and Lantian County of Shaanxi Province
  • Completed development of software and hardware in relation to intelligent waste sorting equipment, including waste sorting learning machine system, waste sorting bin system, big data platform and others
  • Completed development of Everbright Environment's first-generation self-developed smart light pole products and the supporting system