Our Business

Being the Everbright Environment’s engine for technology R&D and innovation, envirotech focused on key research areas such as household waste treatment, treatment of various hazardous and solid waste, agricultural and forestry biomass utilisation, water environment management, big data, and intelligent control, etc. As Everbright Environment’s platform for core technological innovation and commercialisation of results, envirotech is dedicated to tackling the difficulties of environmental protection processes and technologies and aims at cutting-edge technologies worldwide.

Catering to Everbright Environment’s needs, its market demands, and future development, envirotech has established the “Major Topics” and “Open Competition” mechanisms. With a focus on optimising existing business in the areas of solid waste, water-related business and clean energy, it promoted technological innovation and commercialisation in areas such as incineration and gasification with energy-saving and efficiency enhancement, flue gas purification, solid waste resource utilisation, intelligent optimisation control, data governance, and low-carbon energy storage. Forming more than ten flexible project teams, envirotech also explored new directions such as hydrogen energy and storage. It focused on advancing carbon asset management, carbon asset development, and carbon monitoring, in line with China’s “Dual Carbons” strategic goals. Adhering to technology as the driving force to create value, envirotech aimed to empower and accelerate development of all businesses within Everbright Environment.

As of 31 December 2023, Everbright Environment held authorised patents of 1,783 and published 97 major essays.