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Being Everbright Environment's technology research and development ("R&D") and innovation engine, the envirotech sector has been leveraging its "Four-in-One" technological innovation and R&D layout with platforms in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Qingdao, to foster and accelerate Everbright Environment's strategic transformation, structure optimisation and new business development. The sector aims to become a global platform dedicated to green technological innovation and conversion.

In terms of R&D layout, in first half of 2021, envirotech strived to cater for development of traditional business, new business and the future development needs, to promote R&D work. By responding to the needs of Everbright Environment's other business sectors to facilitate their business development, envirotech completed many technical support services for system designs, covering grate furnace, flue gas purification, leachate treatment and control systems.

Everbright Environment's major R&D progress and results in first half of 2021 are summarised as follows:

Business area   Research Results/Topics
Solid Waste Treatment
  • Completed performance testing on R&D of and optimisation of technologies relating to high capacity wet de-acidification systems for waste incineration, with all indicators superior to relevant industry standards
Flue Gas Treatment
  • Completed over 10 project design cases on the optimisation of application of flue gas recirculation system
Intelligent control
  • Self-developed intelligent control research and application technologies for waste incineration, which had been applied in Everbright Environment's waste-toenergy projects in Boluo County of Guangdong and Lantian County of Shaanxi, with trial runs completed
Biomass utilisation
  • Completed trial run and performance test of activated carbon coupling technologies for biomass power generation plant, providing recycling solutions for biomass treatment
Waste sorting
  • Everbright Intelligent Renewable Resources Recycling System, developed under the intelligent waste sorting key technology research project, was put into commercial use and achieved satisfactory results in the trial run at Everbright Environment's waste sorting projects in Changzhou City of Jiangsu and Yingtan City of Jiangxi
  • Completed the prototype manufacturing and trial run of the intelligent waste sorting bins, which were displayed at 2021 IE Expo China
Smart city
  • R&D of smart city systems based on smart light poles had been carried out with emphasis on the smart city and smart gateway themes, with relevant R&D results had been put into test in selected streets in Tianjin Municipality and Jiaozhou City of Shandong Province