Supplier Code of Conduct

Everbright Environment, as one of the leading players in the industry, is committed operating our business with high standards of ethics, integrity, and fairness. Everbright Environment has the responsibility in ensuring its Suppliers and their supply chain to operate smoothly and responsibly, promoting sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and work together with our supplier to improve their sustainability performance.

Everbright Environment will regularly review this Code and make revision to it when necessary. Everbright Environment will favour Suppliers who can demonstrate their commitments to this Code when being invited to do business with the Group.

This Code is applicable for all Suppliers and any third parties that are sub-contracted by Suppliers. All Suppliers are expected to follow the Code when doing business or any activities related to Everbright Environment.

Legal Compliance and Commitment

Business shall be done from an ethical standpoint while relationships between stakeholders should also be based on and deal with honest manner. Suppliers shall uphold high ethical principles which promotes fair and sustainable development, including:

  • Compliance to local and international laws, regulations and policies;
  • Observance towards local labor regulation with reasonable and lawful treatment to their own suppliers and subcontractors.


Acknowledging the importance of a sustainable business model, Everbright Environment also has high expectation towards its Suppliers in the implementation of different environmental management principles, reducing the negative impacts post to the environment in which they operate. Suppliers are expected to:

  • Provision of an appropriate environmental policy, which assess and seek to minimize any environmental or health impacts brought along from the Supplier's operation;
  • Comply with applicable laws and policies on environmental protection;
  • Consideration of different environmental principles throughout their supply chains;
  • Report relevant data on environmental performance upon request.

Business Ethics

Everbright Environment maintains high standards of integrity and expects its Suppliers to act responsibly in their own business and communities in the following aspects:

Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

  • Comply with the anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations;
  • Must not offer, promise, provide or accept items of value, it could secure an improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business.

Prevention of Conflict of Interest

  • Avoid, explicitly notify or resolve any conflict of interest in dealing with the Group.


  • Be vigilant and proactively in monitoring fraud and the risk of fraud in their business;
  • Notify the Group immediately where fraudulent practice is suspected or uncovered and disclose any interests that might impact its decision-making or advice to Everbright Environment.

Anti-money laundering

  • Comply with the anti-money laundering laws and regulations;
  • Do not engage in any money laundering activities or any other activities which may facilitate, result in or be perceived to be money laundering.

Data Protection and Privacy

Everbright Environment is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of the third parties. The Group has the same expectations from its Suppliers, including:

  • Compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations;
  • Safeguarding and making only appropriate use of confidential information;
  • Compliance with all contractual requirements regarding data protection and information security and, unless mandatorily required by laws and regulations, shall not disclose any information that is not known to the concerned third parties without prior written consent.

Human Rights and Labour Practices

Everbright Environment is dedicated in improving the welfare of society through different channels. The Group believes that it is their responsibility to consider the well being of the general public upon their operation. Everbright Environment also expects its Suppliers to comply with relevant policies and legislations in operating countries in the following aspects:


  • Avoid any abusive employment practices, including as slavery, forced and bonded labor, and child labor. Punishment, mental and/or physical coercion as well as any other form of human trafficking are strictly prohibited. Rights of workers, both local and migrant, should also have their rights be respected;
  • Adopt and reference to related labor policies, which adheres to different international labor standards;
  • Provision of a reasonable wage that meets legally mandated minimums without unreasonable or unauthorized deductions;
  • Ensuring the number of working hours of workers and employees are reasonable and in accordance with local regulation and industry practices;
  • Prohibition of discrimination or abuse against any groups, workers or employees in terms of their religion, ethnicity, social gender or any protected classes that are covered in the local or international human rights law and standards;
  • Providing the employees and workers with a peaceful and inclusive working environment free from intimidation, discrimination or harassment with respect to age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status;
  • Embrace and value diversity in their business practices by improving inclusion.

Health and Safety

  • Provision of a safe and healthy working environment to workers and health and safety management system, which abides to local laws and regulations.


  • Respect the rights of the indigenous people, local communities and any parties within the area they operate, striving to improve the well being of different stakeholders.
  • Management System

    Suppliers should have a suitable supplier management system in place to promote sustainability of its sub-contractors.


    Everbright Environment requires its Suppliers to provide relevant documents as necessary to demonstrate how the requirements in this Code are to be met.

    Last Updated:20 Sep 2022