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Environmental Energy

As of 30 June 2020, environmental energy sector had signed 177 projects in total, including 133 waste-to-energy projects, 25 food waste treatment projects, 6 sludge treatment and disposal projects, 3 leachate treatment projects, 2 methane-to-energy projects, 1 fecal treatment project, 2 fly ash landfill projects, 1 medical waste treatment project, 1 construction and decoration waste treatment project, 2 waste sorting and transferring projects and 1 solid waste treatment project, with a total investment of approximately RMB79.450 billion and undertook 2 O&M projects. These projects are designed to have an annual household waste processing capacity of approximately 45,829,000 tonnes, which can generate approximately 15,142,309,000 kWh of on-grid electricity annually, an annual food waste processing capacity of approximately 1,110,000 tonnes, an annual sludge treatment capacity of approximately 193,000 tonnes, and an annual medical waste treatment capacity of approximately 4,000 tonnes.

Projects in Operation

Project Total Investment
(RMB Million)
Novago sp. z o.o. 240

In August 2016, Everbright Environment acquired Novago sp.z o.o., the largest independent solid waste treatment company in Poland, by spending EUR123 million (approximately RMB896 million), marking Everbright Environment's entry into the environmental protection industry in Europe. It also marks a groundbreaking acquisition in the industry for China, as well as the largest Chinese acquisition within the industry in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Projects in Construction