Community Engagement

Everbright Environment is dedicated to developing a close long-term relationship with the communities and creating a better living environment for the residents. We put great effort in engaging with the communities through activities for volunteer causes, environmental protection education, disaster relief and philanthropy. We also encourage our employees to volunteer their time and skills for community engagement activities, by offering various volunteering platforms.

In order to nurture the public's interest in sustainable development and green lifestyle, we make extensive use of our environmental protection projects in various locations as bases for environmental protection education and science popularisation purposes. In 2019, we continued to open up environmental protection facilities from all of our business sectors for public visits. Moreover, by facilitating large environmental protection initiatives like the World Environmental Day on 5th June, our projects could better promote important ecological and environmental issues, such as ecological and environmental protection and circular economy, to raise the public awareness. In the same year, we had a total of 28 environmental protection projects being recognised as bases for environmental protection education or science popularisation.

Our environmental protection projects regularly organise site visits and study tours for students, investors, government officials, counterparts and the public. The visits to our project sites allow the visitors to have a hands-on experience in visualising sustainability concept in real life scenarios, such as green energy generation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and waste water treatment. In 2019, our environmental protection projects received over 180,000 visitors from home and abroad. As at the end of 2019, we had 36 projects having been opened up for public visits in succession.