Corporate Culture

Human Resources are a key development strategy, which requires appropriate personnel to execute this core strategy. Everbright Environment highly values its human resources management and puts great emphasis on staff training. It believes that realising the full potential of its employees is crucial to its long-term growth. The Company continues to improve its human resources capability through internal training as well as local, overseas, and on-campus recruitment.

In 2019, to cope with the need of its business development, Everbright Environment established the Ecological Environment Institute to arrange training according to business development needs. Training programs for general managers and construction directors, training courses for safety and environmental management and training courses for public communication staff were held to enhance professional and general competence of the management and staff through continuous education. During the same year, the Company conducted internal selection and recruitment for vacancies in the headquarters. Employees were encouraged to apply for internal transfer so that they can unleash their full potential in positions of their preferences. In order to enhance the efficiency of human resources management and to encourage existing staff to refer suitable candidate(s) to the Company, Everbright Environment rolled out a series of management measures for human resources. By announcing the “Measures for the Establishment of Talent Cultivation Base”, the Company selected 16 operating projects as talent cultivation bases to provide internship opportunities for its future management and senior technical staff. A total 167 of employees were selected to take the training at these bases.

As at 31 December 2019, Everbright Environment had approximately 13,200 employees in total. The employees are remunerated according to their qualifications, experience, job nature, performance and with reference to market conditions. Apart from a discretionary performance bonus, the Company also provides other benefits such as medical insurance and a mandatory provident fund scheme to employees in Hong Kong.