Our Business

China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech") is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. As at 30 June 2019, Everbright Greentech had 107 projects, including 52 integrated biomass utilisation projects, 45 hazardous and solid waste treatment projects, 7 solar energy projects, 2 wind power projects and an acquired company that focuses on environmental remediation, all of which command a total investment of approximately RMB28.305 billion. The aggregate annual designed processing capacity of biomass raw materials was 8.82 million tonnes; the annual household waste processing capacity was approximately 3.41 million tonnes; the annual hazardous and solid waste treatment capacity stood at approximately 1.84 million tonnes; the annual on-grid electricity generation was approximately 7.2 billion kWh; and the annual heat supply was approximately 2.71 million tonnes. In addition, Everbright Greentech has undertaken a total of 24 environmental remediation services, with a total contract value of approximately RMB656 million.