Safeguarding the Environment

As a responsible corporate citizen, Everbright Environment is devoted to reducing the operational impacts brought to the environment and natural resources. The Company is committed to ensuring that its operations adhere to the requirements of national standards and international financial institutions such as Asian Development Bank. It strictly applies its Corporate Policy on Environmental Management as a gatekeeper on environmental management of all projects. It continues to promote comprehensive and in-depth implementation of the Environmental, Safety, Health and Social Responsibility (ESHS) Management System and Risk Management System throughout the Company. It has also set up the Safety and Environmental Management Committee, strictly follows various environmental and safety systems, and strives to promote ISO 14001 Environmental Management System across the Company’s operating projects, in order to further improve the efficiency and reliability of the environmental monitoring work.

As at the end of 2019, Everbright Environment’s operating projects had accumulatively generated approximately 41.4 billion kWh of green electricity. This could fulfill the annual electricity consumption needs of about 34.5 million households, which was equivalent to saving approximately 16.6 million tonnes of standard coal while reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 44.2 million tonnes. Such projects had accumulatively treated approximately 9.7 billion m3 of waste water and 19.1 million m3 of leachate, and reduced chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions by 3.63 million tonnes.