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Equipment Manufacturing

Being China's backbone environmental protection equipment research and development ("R&D") and manufacturing provider, Everbright Environment's equipment manufacturing sector rides on the philosophy of "accelerating marketisation and satisfying market demands". It focuses on promoting its brand image, strengthening its full-process service system that covers R&D, manufacturing and maintenance, and improving its sustainability.

In 2020, Everbright Environment's self-developed 1,000 tonnes/day grate furnace completed assembly and got off the production line, showcasing the company's further advancement on its grate furnace series. This also shows that the company's self-developed grate furnace with large processing capacity has reached new highs in terms of R&D, design and manufacturing. In addition, equipment manufacturing completed the research, development and testing of the highly efficient air pre-heater system, as well as testing of the pre-heater system through direct combustion of methane and atomising disk with new materials. In addition, the set of plasma melting technologies for industrial purposes was assessed by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences as having reached the world-leading level.

In 2020, phase III of Everbright Environment's equipment manufacturing centre in Changzhou City commenced operation, effectively expanding the company's equipment manufacturing capacity and serving as a resilient infrastructure safeguard for the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing services.

In terms of market expansion, in 2020, equipment manufacturing signed 24 external sales contracts; and sold 49 sets of equipment to the external markets, including 27 sets of grate furnaces, 16 sets of flue gas purification systems and 6 sets of leachate treatment systems. It also secured a set of contracts relating to external equipment sales and EPC contracts, worth a total contract value of approximately RMB935 million. In addition, the sector steadily explored business transformation, including water purification and other consumer business opportunities.

In terms of equipment supply and services, in 2020, equipment manufacturing commenced 59 service items, spanning across 19 provinces and municipalities in China. It provided 97 sets of grate furnaces to projects of Everbright Environment and external customers, which have a designed daily waste processing capacity of 50,880 tonnes. In addition, the sector sold 224 sets of equipment, covering grate furnaces, gas purification systems and leachate treatment systems.

In terms of after-sales service, in 2020, equipment manufacturing signed 171 contracts in relation to external after-sales services, worth a total contract value of approximately RMB108 million. Throughout 2020, equipment manufacturing provided 159 after-sales service projects, including 75 internal ones and 84 external ones.