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Equipment Manufacturing

As China's backbone environmental protection equipment research and development (“R&D”) and manufacturing provider, equipment manufacturing leverages Everbright Environmental Technical Equipment (Changzhou) Limited as the main platform to carry out traditional and new business, as well as relevant work, in a steady and orderly manner. The sector has further solidified its leading position in the waste-to-energy equipment industry.

In terms of market expansion, in first half of 2021, equipment manufacturing signed 10 external sales contracts, and sold 11 sets of equipment to external markets, including 8 sets of grate furnaces, 2 sets of flue gas purification systems and 1 set of leachate treatment systems. It secured a set of contracts relating to external equipment sales, worth a total contract value of approximately RMB177 million. In addition, equipment manufacturing set up the Everbright Electric Appliance Division. Starting from the water purifier series, the division independently undertook the whole operational process including design and R&D, market development, sales and after-sales services, representing Everbright Environment's encouraging progress in the consumer market.

In terms of equipment supply and services, in first half of 2021, equipment manufacturing commenced 45 service items, spanning across 16 provinces and municipalities in China. It provided 22 sets of grate furnaces to projects of Everbright Environment and external customers, which have a designed daily waste processing capacity of 11,700 tonnes. In addition, it sold 95 sets of equipment, covering grate furnaces, gas purification systems and leachate treatment systems.

In terms of after-sales services, in first half of 2021, equipment manufacturing signed 65 contracts in relation to external after-sales services, worth a total contract value of approximately RMB62.53 million. Throughout the first half of 2021, equipment manufacturing provided 116 after-sales service projects, including 73 internal ones and 43 external ones.

In first half of 2021, in first half of 2021, equipment manufacturing insisted on technological innovation, and accelerated the pace of industrial upgrading. Leveraging Everbright Environment's existing projects, it carried out a number of technical projects and research topics, covering grate furnace for medical waste incineration, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitrification technology, grate furnace control system, hydraulic pressure station and distributed control system (DCS) integration project. In addition, equipment manufacturing manufactured and completed the trial run of the first sample domestic higher heating value water-cooled grate furnace.