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Equipment Manufacturing

China’s backbone environmental protection equipment manufacturer

With Everbright Environmental Technical Equipment (Changzhou) Limited being the platform, Everbright Environment’s equipment manufacturing sector strives to upgrade its factories from the country’s “Green Factories” to “Zero-carbon Factories”, and proactively fosters a new development paradigm for the “Intelligently Made by Everbright”, continuing to solidify its industry-leading position.

Equipment manufacturing broke the monopolies of foreign technologies and has become a world-leading player in the industry. In recent years, it was shortlisted in the lists for the National “Little Giant” enterprises that uses special and sophisticated technologies to produce novel and unique products and services, the National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprises in China and the National Green Supply Chain Management Enterprises.

Independently-developed Environmental Protection Equipment

Small-scale household waste grate furnace

Technology research and development and equipment for multi-source high calorific value solid waste energy utilisation water-cooled grate furnace

Food and kitchen waste treatment equipment

A Glance at the Manufacturing Factory

Aerial view of the factory

An workshop of the factory

The rooftop solar energy facilities, which facilitate the goal of developing a zero-carbon factory