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Our Business

Being China's largest environmental protection enterprise, an industry leader in Asia and a world-renowned environmental group, Everbright Environment focuses on value creation, with commitment to seeking further transformation and steady development. It continues to forge ahead with its corporate mission of being "Devoted to Ecology and Environment for a Beautiful China" and the corporate pursuit of "Creating Better Investment Value and Undertaking More Social Responsibility". In 2020, the company faced up to challenges with courage and strong team cohesion, and therefore won the battles for the novel coronavirus pandemic prevention and control, business growth and enhancement of its industry position, achieving outstanding results in both business scale and operational efficiency.

As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Environment had a business presence in over 200 cities, counties and districts across 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, with overseas business markets in Germany, Poland and Vietnam. It secured a total of 458 environmental protection projects, with an aggregated investment of approximately RMB140.386 billion; it also undertook 36 environmental remediation services, 14 engineering procurement and construction ("EPC") projects, 4 energy management contract ("EMC") projects and 4 operation and management ("O&M") projects.

  • Environmental Energy

    As Everbright Environment's core business sector with the largest scale and highest business proportion, environmental energy covers waste-to-energy, food and kitchen waste treatment, sludge treatment and disposal, leachate treatment, fly ash treatment, methane-to-energy, construction and decoration waste treatment, and the development of environmental protection industrial parks, etc.

    As of 31 December 2020, environmental energy had invested in 193 projects with a total investment of approximately RMB83.126 billion, and undertook 2 O&M projects. These projects are designed to have an annual household waste processing capacity of approximately 47,212,750 tonnes, which is expected to generate an annual on-grid electricity of approximately 15,767,363,800 kWh, an annual food and kitchen waste processing capacity of approximately 1,543,950 tonnes, and an annual sludge treatment capacity of approximately 248,200 tonnes.

  • Greentech (www.ebgreentech.com)

    China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech") is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Stock Exchange"), with main businesses covering integrated biomass utilisation, hazardous and solid waste treatment, and environmental remediation, etc. As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Environment held a 69.7% stake in Everbright Greentech.

    As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Greentech had invested in 120 projects with a total investment of approximately RMB31.690 billion. These projects are designed to have an annual biomass raw material processing capacity of approximately 8,089,800 tonnes, an annual household waste processing capacity of approximately 3,595,250 tonnes, and an annual hazardous and solid waste processing capacity of approximately 2,841,900 tonnes, which are expected to generate an annual on-grid electricity of approximately 6,774,374,700 kWh and an annual steam supply of approximately 4,519,000 tonnes.

  • Environmental Water (www.ebwater.com)

    China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water") is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and the Main Board of the Stock Exchange. It has developed a fully-fledged business coverage, which includes raw water protection, water supply, municipal waste water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, reusable water, river-basin ecological restoration, and sludge treatment and disposal. Everbright Water has also formed a full industry chain in the water business, including project investment, planning and design, technology research and development ("R&D"), engineering and construction, operations management, among others. As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Environment had a 72.87% stake in Everbright Water.

    As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Water had invested in and held 138 water projects, commanding a total investment of approximately RMB24.678 billion. It also secured 3 EPC projects and 2 O&M projects. These projects are designed to have an annual waste water treatment capacity of approximately 1,997,134,000 m3, an annual reusable water supply capacity of approximately 71,759,000 m3, and an annual water supply capacity of approximately 310,250,000 m3. The waste water source heat pump projects provide heating and cooling services to an area of 295,000 m2.

  • Equipment Manufacturing

    As China's backbone environmental protection equipment R&D and manufacturing provider, Everbright Environment's equipment manufacturing sector rides on the philosophy of "accelerating marketisation and satisfying market demands" in 2020. The sector focuses on promoting its brand image, strengthening its full-process service system that covers R&D, manufacturing and maintenance, and improving its sustainability.

    In 2020, Everbright Environment's self-developed 1,000 tonnes/day grate furnace completed assembly and got off the production line, showcasing the company's further advancement on its grate furnace series. This also shows that Everbright Environment's self-developed grate furnace with large processing capacity has reached new highs in terms of R&D, design and manufacturing. Additionally, phase III of Everbright Environment's equipment manufacturing centre in Changzhou City commenced operation, effectively expanding the equipment manufacturing capacity and serving as a resilient infrastructure safeguard for the rapid development of Everbright Environment's equipment manufacturing services.

  • Eco-recycling

    Everbright Environment's eco-recycling sector rides on the "Five Points in One Line" process model for waste sorting, focusing on three main business areas, namely waste sorting and zero-waste cities, environmental sanitation integration, and resource recycling. It has positioned itself as a leading investor and operator in waste sorting and resource recycling across China.

    In 2020, focusing on the three major business, eco-recycling improved the intelligence level of the waste sorting system and optimised the waste sorting categories at the front-end; integrated the waste collection, transferring and transporting processes at the middle-end, in order to connect waste sorting business at the front-end with the waste incineration and resource recycling at the back-end; developed resource recycling centers at the back-end, with the aim to improve the proficiencies of resource recycling and integrated utilisation, as well as the profitability of waste sorting business.

  • Greenergy

    Everbright Environment's greenergy sector adheres to the development philosophy of "Healthy, Energy-saving and Intelligent Lighting", leverages on its core product Everbright New Sodium Lamp (the "Lamp"), and focuses on building a full industry chain that includes the R&D and manufacturing of energy-saving street lamps, urban outdoor lighting projects and other types of energy-saving lighting products. Greenergy provides integrated lighting solutions to users based on three major business models, namely EMC, EPC and direct sales.

    As of 31 December 2020, greenergy had secured streetlight retrofitting and upgrading projects in Rizhao, Ji'nan and Tengzhou of Shandong Province, and also in the Jinghai District of Tianjin Municipality, based on an EMC model. These projects are responsible for retrofitting more than 40,000 streetlights. In addition, greenergy signed a streetlight retrofitting project for the Sungeng Sub-district of the Jiyang District in Ji'nan, based on an EPC model. In 2020, the sector also established the Greenergy Intelligent Industrial Park in Ji'nan, aiming to develop the industrial park into a national technological innovation base.

  • Envirotech

    Being Everbright Environment's technology R&D innovation engine, the envirotech sector substantially established in 2020 the "Four-in-One" technological innovation and R&D layout with platforms in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Qingdao, in order to build a global platform dedicated to green technological innovation and technology conversion, and to better promote Everbright Environment's strategic plan of pursuing development that is driven by technology and innovation.

    As of 31 December 2020, Everbright Environment had been granted a total of 1,008 patents, including 116 invention patents, 796 utility patents, 91 software copyright licenses and 5 appearance patents.

  • Environmental Planning

    Everbright Environment's environmental planning sector leverages on Everbright Ecological and Environmental Planning and Design Institute as the main platform, with a focus on the fields of environmental protection and energy. It strives to build core technological capabilities, expand the business scope and achieve technological strength, to become a first-class planning and design institute in China.

    The institute possesses a set of design and consultancy qualifications in areas such as electric power, municipal administration and environment, as well as the national qualification for pressure pipeline design.