Community Well-being

Everbright International Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation

To further improve the efficiency of our community programmes, we successfully set up Everbright International Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation Company Limited in Hong Kong in August 2013. The foundation company manages the Everbright International Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation and coordinates all our charitable projects in environmental protection education, energy-saving, ecological conservation and community caring etc.

The foundation has been supporting WWF-HK's Earth Hour, a large environmental protection initiative, for six consecutive years since 2014, calling for people to change their lifestyle and give up the unnecessary luxuries to help sustain the earth.

In 2015, Everbright International Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation was the title sponsor for Yan Oi Tong Green City Exploration Tour 2015 – Singapore. The event provided the opportunity for 23 environmental protection student ambassadors from Hong Kong to visit Singapore, entitled the "Greenest Asian City", and learn from university professors and conservation specialists about how they can contribute towards building a greener city. They learned more about different aspects of the green city including water resources management, energy saving and conservation, urban greening, biodiversity and construction waste recycling. They also worked together to assess the feasibility of implementing similar initiatives in Hong Kong. After the study tour, the foundation also sponsored the outstanding student ambassadors to visit the Group's Nanjing Waste-to-energy Project to further study the waste incineration process and the environmental protection measures adopted in China.

In addition, the foundation has been supporting Heifer International Hong Kong branch's "Read to feed" fund raising program for two consecutive academic years since 2016 (2016-2017, 2017-2018 & 2018-2019). Through this program, we hope to develop reading habits among Hong Kong students, deepen their understanding on poverty, environmental issues, and develop a sense of empathy. On the other hand, we offered financial assistance to the poor farmers in mainland China, raising their living standard. We also launched a series of environmental education workshops at primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong; the ambassadors also brought some student groups from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong to visit our Boluo Waste-to-energy Project in Guangdong Province. The project tours gave the students opportunities to understand the harmless treatment, reduction and reuse of household waste.

Everbright Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation

Suzhou Project Company is a co-founder of Everbright Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation with Suzhou Environmental & Municipal Administration Bureau and Suzhou Charity Federation. The foundation was established in June 2013 and a donation of RMB1.5 million will be made annually to the foundation for helping Suzhou's sanitation workers and families who are facing difficulties and in need of financial and emotional support. As at the end of 2017, an accumulated number of 1,274 people had received over RMB5.7 million granted by the foundation.

Everbright International True Love School

Giving back to the society is always our core value, so at the time we were preparing the Dangshan Biomass Power Generation Project in 2010, we underwent an RMB6 million school renovation project with a donation of computers and textbooks to establish Everbright International True Love School in Dangshan. The school, which was officially founded in September 2011, has been equipped with the state-of-art facility, comprehensive teaching equipment, playground, music and dancing rooms to provide the students with the pleasant learning environment. Meanwhile, we have set up a True Love Fund to provide the students with financial support and recognise the outstanding students. As at the end of 2017, the fund had sponsored over 200 excellent students who excel in study but live in poverty.

We encourage our employees to be acting teachers at the school, and many of them are keen to get involved. Since the commencement of the school, we have sent several groups of volunteers as acting teachers with the primary responsibilities to assist in teaching English, fine art and music at the school. So far, we have sent 21 employees to the school for this initiative. In addition, our project company in Dangshan have donated to the school for new classroom equipment, sports goods, scholarship, among others. In recent years, we organised several summer camp activities, which invited the school students and teachers to visit our environmental protection projects, increasing their awareness on the operation process and the importance of environmental protection.