Our Business

Everbright Environment's eco-recycling sector rides on the "Five Points in One Line" process model for waste sorting, focusing on three main business areas, namely waste sorting and zero-waste cities, environmental sanitation integration, and resource recycling. It has positioned itself as a leading investor and operator in waste sorting and resource recycling across China.

In terms of strategic layout, in 2020, based on its three major business focuses, eco-recycling improved the intelligence level of the waste sorting system and optimised the waste sorting categories at the front-end; integrated the waste collection, transferring and transporting processes at the middle-end, in order to connect waste sorting business at the front-end with the waste incineration and resource recycling at the back-end; developed resource recycling centers at the back-end, and put into practice the philosophy of "Sorting for Utilisation and Utilising after Sorting", with the aim to improve the proficiencies of resource recycling and integrated utilisation, as well as the profitability of waste sorting business.

In 2020, eco-recycling proactively responded to Everbright Environment's adjustments to its strategic planning. It handed over several waste sorting projects, for which it had won the bids, to the company's environmental energy sector. In the meantime, it leveraged on the company's "Five Points in One Line" process model, to explore synergistic opportunities with other business sectors of Everbright Environment. In addition, eco-recycling was active in market expansion, with focuses on the three major business areas, and had reached the intention of cooperation with some cities and regions. In 2020, eco-recycling won the bid for a kitchen waste treatment project in Ji'nan City of Shandong Province.