Our Business
Environmental Planning

The environmental planning sector leverages on Everbright Ecological and Environmental Planning and Design Institute (the "Institute") as the main platform, with a focus on the fields of environmental protection and energy. It strives to build core technological capabilities, and expand the business scope and industry chain, so as to become a first-class planning and design institute in China.

While continuing to undertake Everbright Environment’s internal business, the Institute strengthened its efforts to explore external business opportunities through various means, such as organisational optimisation and synergistic expansions. In first half of 2021, it signed a number of internal and external service contracts in the field of consulting and design, EPC and others, with a total contract value of over RMB101 million.

In addition, in first half of 2021, the Institute made an active effort to obtain relevant qualifications. It has obtained the Grade A Qualification for Environmental Engineering Work for Solid Waste and Grade I Qualification for Professional Contracting of Environmental Protection Engineering Work and, progressing towards the goal of becoming a grade A design institute. Currently, the Institute has obtained a set of important qualifications relating to design and consulting, ecological construction, as well as environmental engineering in the fields of electricity, municipalities and the environment.