Our Business
Environmental Planning

Everbright Environment's environmental planning sector leverages on Everbright Ecological and Environmental Planning and Design Institute (the “Institute”) as the main platform, with a focus on the fields of environmental protection and energy. It strives to build core technological capabilities, expand the business scope and achieve technological strength, to become a first-class planning and design institute in China. The Institute possesses a set of design and consultancy qualifications in areas such as electric power, municipal administration and environment, as well as the national qualification for pressure pipeline design.

In 2020, the Institute accomplished design works of Everbright Environment's Jiangsu Wujiang Waste-to-energy Project, involving the 1,000 tonnes/day waste incineration treatment line, and integrated treatment of industrial waste, household waste and sludge. So far, it has developed the design capacity of a full range of waste incineration treatment lines, with capacity ranging from 300 tonnes/day to 1,000 tonnes/day; it partnered with the company's environmental energy sector to develop economic models relating to food and kitchen waste treatment projects and heat supply projects, which facilitated Everbright Environment to win bids for multiple food and kitchen waste treatment projects. In 2020, the institute also expanded its design and consulting services to the fields of food and kitchen waste treatment, waste landfill, sludge treatment and disposal, integrated slag utilisation, and medical waste treatment, strongly supporting the development of Everbright Environment's other business sectors.