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Environmental Planning

In order to support the healthy development of the Company’s ecological and environmental protection business, Everbright Environment has reclassified Everbright Ecological and Environmental Planning and Design Institute (the “Environmental Planning and Design Institute”) as a new business sector. The Company will further improve the design qualifications of the Environmental Planning and Design Institute with the aim of developing it into a first-class planning institute to enhance innovation capabilities, and through the marketisation of development, striving to achieve new breakthroughs in various aspects, including design quality, value creation, brand building and industry-leading.

In 2019, Environmental Planning and Design Institute took the initiative to seek opportunities in various design consulting services projects and signed 2 EPC projects. It was responsible for the projects’ engineering design, equipment procurement, construction management, completion and handover, etc. In addition, the Everbright Analysis and Testing Centre achieved breakthroughs, as it conducted testing on various fields such as gas, fly ash, bottom ash, leachate, air and groundwater, and so on.