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03 Jan 2011

Everbright International Completes Two Photovoltaic Energy Projects in Zhenjiang and Suqian

More Strategic Plans for Alternative Energy Projects in Jiangsu

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or "the Group") has announced that its ground photovoltaic energy project in Zhenjiang New District, Jiangsu Province ("Zhenjiang Project") and its rooftop photovoltaic energy project at the Shuanggou and Yanghe breweries in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province ("Suqian Project") have started to supply electricity to the power grid. Zhenjiang Project and Suqian Project were completed on 24 December 2010 and 27 December 2010 respectively.

Zhenjiang Project is currently the largest thin film photovoltaic power station in Jiangsu Province. The project adopts amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film photovoltaic technology, occupying an area of 200 acres with a total installed capacity of 3.5MW. The project started construction in September 2010 and commenced commercial operation in December 2010. Annual power generation capacity is expected to be 4,000,000 kWh a year. Suqian Project has adopted multiple silicon technology, occupying an area of 35,571.8 m2 with a total installed capacity of 1.85MW. The project started construction in October 2010 and commenced commercial operation in December 2010. The annual power generation capacity would be 2,200,000 kWh. The projects carry an investment cost of RMB 73,490,000 and RMB 52,720,000 respectively.

Jiangsu Province is the Group's key strategic development focus. The Group's projects under development in Zhenjiang and Suqian and the nearby regions include waste-to-energy projects in the two cities, a solid waste landfill project in Zhenjiang, a surface water project in Xinyi and biomass power generation projects in Xinyi, Shuyang and Dangshan. The combination of all of the projects has also created excellent synergies.

Since venturing into the alternative energy business in 2009, the Group has been striving to develop photovoltaic energy projects, biomass power generation projects and wind power generation projects. Construction of the Everbright-DuPont Apollo Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Project was also completed in November last year. Through these new projects, the Group has accumulated strong experience in engineering and construction, equipment and technology and supporting engineering work while developing a highly efficient team. These benefits have laid a good foundation for the development of photovoltaic energy projects.

Mr Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "The Twelfth Five-year Plan and the seven key industries in the country place great emphasis on environmentally friendly industry. Moreover, photovoltaic power is also an alternative energy technology which has gained the strong support from the nation. It is expected that rooftop photovoltaic energy projects will become a major energy-saving feature in buildings, presenting favourable development prospects for us. The experience gained from Suqian Project and Everbright-DuPont Apollo Rooftop Photovoltaic Energy Project enables us to effectively expand into related markets in other regions. Everbright International is well positioned to undertake more energy generation projects which also reduce emissions and to construct and operate each green project with leading-edge technology while adhering to the highest standards.