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Press Release
31 Oct 2011

Everbright International Jinan Waste-to-energy Project Is Completed and Commences Operation

Processes All Household Waste in Jinan

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group"), has announced that a ceremony was held marking the completion and inauguration for the Jinan waste-to-energy project ("Jinan Project" or the "Project") in Jinan, Shandong Province at 10 am, 28 October.

Commanding a total investment of approximately RMB900 million, the Jinan Project was invested in and constructed by Everbright International on a BOT basis. It is not only a key project in Jinan but also currently the largest waste-to-energy ("WTE") project completed within one phase in China. The core of the Project has adopted an international advanced mechanical grate furnace, equipment and technology and powered by four grate furnaces with a daily waste processing capacity of 500 tonnes each and two 18MW turbine generators. It is expected to greatly improve the tight waste processing capacity and utilisation of waste in Jinan city. With a daily waste processing capacity of 2,000 tonnes and an annual waste processing capacity of 666,700 tonnes, it is capable of processing the entire output of urban household waste of Jinan city. The Project should generate approximately 270 million kilowatt-hours of green power a year, equivalent to the power generated by approximately 80,000 tonnes of standard coal. Therefore, it represents a significant contribution to the cleanliness of the city and environmental protection, and treatment of urban household waste in a non-hazardous way resulting in reduced waste piles while recycling resources.

Since its construction, the quality and construction speed of the Project has become a demonstration project among similar projects in the country and has achieved four superlatives. First, it is the largest WTE project completed in one phase with an annual urban waste processing capacity of 666,700 tonnes. Second, it has achieved the shortest construction time among the WTE projects of the same kind. The Project commenced construction on 13 March 2010, took 18 months to complete, and started its trial run on 22 September this year. Third, it occupies the smallest area among the WTE projects with daily processing capacity of 2,000 tonnes. With a total area of approximately 120 aces, the Project is equipped with leachate treatment and flying ash solidification plants, an office area and a living area apart from the main WTE plant. Fourth, it is a WTE project with the most comprehensive environmental protection equipment and the strictest environmental protection supervision. In addition to controlling the emission standard of various pollutants, the Project has also installed a gas treatment system, an ash solidification system, a leachate treatment system, an industrial waste water treatment system, and an online emission and waste water discharge monitoring system, as well as a direct link to the authorities of the environmental protection department to allow supervision of the environmental protection authorities and the public at any time.

For the Jinan Project, emissions of fuel and gas, as well as dioxin comply with GB18485-2001 and EU 2000 standards respectively, and the latter is even more stringent than those in China. Ash is processed under GB16889-2009 standard before disposing in a household waste landfill site. Leachate and industrial waste water are processed within the factory and recycled for use by applying the National Grade A standard, and some indices are more stringent than this level. All emission comply with relevant standards, some are even more stringent than those in China, thus eliminating secondary pollution effectively.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "The Jinan Project was built on a large scale within a small area according to demanding specifications. Its smooth operation has been due to the unselfish dedication of all management and staff, support of the Jinan Municipal Government and Qiyang County Government, all capped off by the appreciation of the residents in the surrounding areas. Everbright International pledges that it will operate and manage the Project with a high sense of social responsibility to ensure it complies with emission requirements and develops into a residential waste-to-energy demonstration project and an education base for promoting innovative environmental protection in northern China."