News Release
06 Feb 2007

Everbright International and Tongji University forge all-round R&D cooperation

Tongji University and China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International") signed a cooperation agreement at Tongji University, Shanghai. Mr. Philip Fan, the General Manager of Everbright International, Mr. Huang Chaohua, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhang Yunyue, the Deputy General Manager of Everbright Environmental Technology Research Centre, Professor Yang Dongyuan, the Vice President of Tongji University, Ms Ye Aijun, Deputy Director of Scientific Research Department and Professor He Pinjing attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Fan and Professor Yang were the signatories representing Everbright International and the university respectively, which agreed to strengthen cooperation in research and development.

Tongji University is a prestigious institute of tertiary education in China, and also an important base for technological innovation and development of knowledge in the country. It is in constant pursuit of upgrading different production technologies and R&D of proprietary application technologies and finding practical usages for them. Everbright International is dedicated to R&D and technological advancement. The cooperation with Tongji University means combining business and academic interests and pooling their complementary strengths to realize advancement for the parties involved. It will boost Everbright International's capabilities for research and development as well as the core competence of Everbright Environment, and as such can ensure the persistent, healthy and stable development of the two companies.