News Release
01 Jul 2007

Extended Facility of Maidao Waste Water Treatment Plant Starts Commercial Operation

Extension work of the Maidao Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed and the new facility started commercial operation on 1 July 2007 and all ancillary facilities for supporting the 2008 Beijing Olympics Regatta are in place.

Costing an investment of approximately RMB244 million, the completed facility has brought the total waste water processing capacity of the Maidao plant to 140,000 cubic meters a day with the treated water meeting National Grade 1B Standard. Occupying only an area of 4.54 hectare, which conserve 67.4% more land resources than similar waste water treatment plants in the PRC.

Adopting advanced international environmental protection technologies and high-technology processing modules, the plant is capable of carrying out thorough waste water processing procedures including removal of phosphorus, digestion and partial removal of nitrogen in sewage, processing of collected stench and recycling sludge.

The smooth completion of plant extension fulfilled the commitment of China Everbright International to the Qingdao Municipal Government. The project has efficiently used resources available in the PRC and, at the same time, adopted advanced international technologies. Through combining the strengths of the east and west, the quality of treated water is enchanced. The project has perfected the urban infrastructure of Qingdao City for pollutants treatment and is helping to conserve the ecology. At the same time, the plant will help Qingdao City meet the water quality requirements of the 2008 Olympics Regatta. The success of the project has also laid a solid foundation in the Group's further cooperation with the Qingdao Municipal Government in future.