News Release
08 Jul 2007

China Everbright International sponsored [ICAF] activities

Organized by The Chinese People's Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries, China Council For The Promotion of International Trade, China National Youth Palace Association and Jinan Municipal Government, and exclusively co-organized by China Everbright International, the 2007[China Jinan International Children's Day and Children Article Fairs]("[ICAF]")took place in Jinan between 6 and 8 July. Themed "Harmonious world fosters blissful childhood", the event aimed to "bring fun, and also promote exchange and environmental protection" among children. It is the largest so far of International Children's Day events staged in cities in the PRC. Apart from attending the opening and closing ceremonies of the event, officials of the Shandong Provincial Government and Jinan Municipal Government and Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of China Everbright International, also witnessed a special gesture featuring children from around the world bringing with them water from rivers in their own countries to fill a sculpture of planet earth in Quan Cheng Park and joined activities with over 300 representatives of 22 organizations from 18 countries and regions in the 3-day event. The fair was covered by CCTV, local TV stations and other major media.

This year's [ICAF] was the first large scale [foreign] event presented by the Jinan Municipal Government with new officials on board, hence commanded the attention of both city's Communist Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Although the event lasted just for three days, it was packed with activities of great attraction to participants.

Thanks to the trust and support the Jinan Municipal Government gave to the Company and preparation work, the event was successfully staged. It also served as evidence of China Everbright International's dedication to promoting happy and healthy growth of children around the world, environmental protection and also well being of the community.