News Release
20 Sep 2007

Press Conference for 2007 interim results

A Press Conference for the announcement of 2007 interim results was held by the Company on 20 September 2007 to announce the results of the Company and its subsidiaries (the "Group") for the six months ended 30 June 2007. During the period under review, the Group's consolidated turnover amounted to HK$519,686,000, representing an increase of 43% from HK$362,846,000 as restated in the corresponding period last year. EBITDA on recurring basis for the period reached HK$182,365,000, representing an increase of 102% against the same period last year. Profit attributable to equity shareholders was HK$167,551,000, an increase of 95% as compared with the restated profit of HK$86,088,000 in the last corresponding period. Basic earnings per share for the first half of 2007 were HK5.44 cents, HK2.27 cents more than the restated HK3.17 cents of last year. The Board of the Company resolved to pay an interim dividend of HK0.6 cent per share to the equity shareholders.

In the conference, the business outlook and strategies of the Group as well as the operating situation of the existing projects were highlighted to the attendees. Mr. Chen Xiaoping, the Chief Executive Director of the Company and other executive directors present also answered questions raised by the reporters.