News Release
08 Sep 2010

Everbright International Secures Yixing Waste-to-energy Project Phase II and Expands into Sludge Treatment Project

Consolidates its leading position in the Environmental Protection Industry
Further Extends Presence in the Industry Chain

China Everbright International Limited (" Everbright International" or the "Group") is pleased to announce that it has signed two agreements with the Public Utility Management Bureau of Yixing City in Jiangsu Province to build and operate the Yixing Waste-to-energy Project Phase II ("Yixing Project Phase II") on a BOT (build-operate-transfer) basis and to operate a sludge treatment project ("Sludge Treatment Project") in its existing waste-to-energy plant in Yixing.

Yixing Waste-to-energy Project

The Group invested RMB238 million in Yixing Waste-to-energy Project Phase I ("Yixing Project Phase I") which commenced commercial operation in June 2007 and is compliant with various environmental protection standards. It is the Group's first waste-to-energy pioneer project with domestic equipment based on imported technology, which also complying with Euro II emission standards and thus has formed a solid foundation for the Group's R&D. Yixing Project Phase I is also the first waste-to-energy plant to treat waste water for leachate according to Grade 1A standard in the PRC and the treated water can be used as recycled water and for plant cultivation. The methane generated from leachate treatment can also provide green electricity for the Project. This success has helped the Group to achieve "zero emissions", setting a precedent for the industry in the PRC. The experience thus gained has benefitted other waste-to-energy projects of the Group.

As the quick increase in waste generated by rapid economic and population growth have enabled Yixing Project Phase I to operate at its full capacity of 500 tonnes a day, the Group and Yixing Municipal Government agreed to start Phase II and upgrade Phase I. With both components commanding a combined investment of RMB150 million, construction is to start within this year and is expected to be completed after about 18 months.

Yixing Project Phase II will have an additional production line with a daily waste processing capacity of 300 tonnes and will upgrade the existing power generators from 9MW to 12MW. The project will use self-developed incinerators compliant with EU emission standards. The capacity of treating leachate will increase from 150 tonnes to 500 tonnes a day, attaining the national Grade 1A treatment standard. The concession period of Project Phase I is to be extended from 25 years to 28 years and Project Phase II is expected to have the right to operate for 21 years upon completion. The two projects will have a total daily waste treatment capacity of 800 tonnes.

Sludge Treatment Project

The Group's first sludge treatment facility, located in Yixing and to be constructed in two phases, is to have a daily treatment capacity of 300 tonnes. With a daily treatment capacity of 150 tonnes, the sludge treatment plant within Yixing Project Phase I commands a total investment of approximately RMB14,000,000 and the construction period is about four months. The sludge treatment project is to install a dehydration facility in the remaining area of the household waste-to-energy plant in Yixing City with a period of operation identical to that of the waste-to-energy project. The Yixing Municipal Government is to provide a subsidy for sludge treatment. The annual sludge treatment capacity is expected to reach 54,000 tonnes and the water content of the treated sludge will be reduced to less than 45%. The treated sludge is to be used for landfill by the Yixing Municipal Government.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of China Everbright International, said, "The experience that we gained from the expansion of Suzhou Project Phase II and Jiangyin Project Phase II will be invaluable to our efforts in upgrading of Yixing Project Phase II. For the Yixing sludge treatment project, we aim to solve the sludge treatment issues with innovative techniques of sludge dehydration and other commercially viable means. Through our strategy to "Consolidate, Develop, Upgrade", we will strive to innovate and enhance our technology in the construction and operation of every project, to consolidate the solid foundation of our environmental protection business while boosting our brand."