News Release
26 Mar 2013

Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Everbright International and 10th Anniversary in the Environmental Protection Business

Dual Focus on Economic and Social Benefits Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility

(26th March 2013, Hong Kong) – China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (Hong Kong Stock Code: 00257) hosted a cocktail reception in the ballroom of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong today to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Everbright International and the 10th anniversary in the environmental protection business. More than 300 honorable guests including government officials, business leaders and other guests from both Hong Kong and Mainland China attended the ceremony.

Chen Xiaoping, the Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International said, "Since its establishment 20 years ago, in particular its transformation to environmental protection business 10 years ago, the Group has grown continuously to become the largest investor and operator of waste-to-energy projects in China and Asia, benefitting from China's open-up policy and the tremendous support from investors and business partners. Today, the Group is recognized as the country's leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry in terms of investment scale, quality and return. The Group's dedicated efforts in environmental protection have gained industry-wide recognition and public approval."

The Group has achieved major milestones in its 20-year corporate history. The Group has experienced exponential growth since its transformation and penetration to environmental protection business 10 years ago. Mr. Chen commented, "This year marks the 10th anniversary of our transformation to environmental protection business in year 2003. Thanks to our continuous efforts and rapid development in the past decade, we have now become an integrated and innovative environmental protection enterprise. Over the past 10 years, the Group's total assets have increased 7 times and net assets up 9 times, while market capitalization and profits soared 34 times and 59 times, respectively. The Group's profit growth rate has outpaced its capital growth rate, which is healthy and sustainable.

Upholding the mission of "Creating Beautiful Environment and Rewarding the Public", while devoting to environmental protection and alternative energy businesses, Everbright International has constructed a series of environmental protection projects with "First class Quality, High Standard, Advanced Technology and Outstanding Efficiency", and established an integrated business development model of "Project investment, Construction engineering, Operation management, Research and development, and Equipment manufacturing"; thus the Group has evolved into a one-stop integrated environmental solution provider in China. At present, Everbright International has developed over 60 projects across 20 cities in 7 provinces in China, including waste-to-energy, methane-to-energy, biomass power generation, solar photovoltaic energy, industrial solid waste and hazardous waste landfill, waste water treatment, reusable water and the planning and construction of environmental industrial parks, etc.. The Group is devoted to the compliance with the industry's highest standards in respect of construction and operation. In waste water treatment, the discharge quality has reached Grade 1A of the national waste water discharge standard. The Group has initiated several flue gas emission improvements and upgrades to comply with the Euro 2000 Standards, the highest standard in the waste-to-energy industry. Over the past 10 years, the Group has processed an accumulated 11,445,000 tonnes of urban and rural household waste in an environmental-friendly way, 176,000 m3 of industrial hazardous waste and 516,000 tonnes of agricultural waste, reducing the CO2 emission of 3,232,000 tonnes, providing 3,625 million kWh of green electric which can power 3,020,000 households for annual usage and save standard coal of 1,450,000 tonnes. In addition, the Group has accumulatively treated waste water of 2.653 billion m3 and reduced COD emission of 1,030,000 tonnes. The Group has made significant contribution to the improvement of the environment and has achieved prominent social benefits.

Committed to social responsibility in the course of its business development, Everbright International believes in the core value of "An Enterprise is not only the Creator of Wealth, but also the Safeguard of Environmental and Social Responsibility"; and therefore has embedded the value into its corporate culture and operating principles, which is reflected in its contribution and commitment to the society. At this special moment of the 20th anniversary of Everbright International and the 10th anniversary in environmental protection, the Group is excited to announce that it will establish the "Everbright Environmental Education Charity Fund" within this year. The Group is keen to promote environmental protection knowledge and ideas, which aims to raise public awareness on environmental protection, thereby sharing its business achievements with the society and making contributions to the community.

Mr. Chen concluded that Everbright International will proactively work with the national "Beautiful China" blueprint, while fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, seizing every opportunity and continuing its growth and lead in the industry with an aim to make further contribution to the country's sustainable economic growth and environment protection business.