News Release
06 May 2013

Everbright International successfully acquires Zhangqiu waste water treatment project

Acquisition further strengthens the Group's leading position in the environmental protection industry in Shandong Province

May 6, 2013, Hong Kong - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that the Group has won the bid for the Shangdong Zhangqiu Waste Water Treatment Plant III Project on a BOT basis ("Zhangqiu Project"). Together with the environmental protection projects in Jinan, Zibo, Qingdao, Binzhou, Dezhou etc., Everbright International has invested more than RMB4.5 billion in environmental protection projects in the Shandong Province.

Zhangqiu Project is designed with a daily treatment capacity of 30,000 m3 and commands a total investment of approximately RMB 60.7 million, the water discharge will comply with the National Grade 1A standard. It is the first time that the Zhangqiu municipal government has launched a waste water treatment BOT project by way of open tender. Located in central Shandong Province, Zhangqiu is a county-level city under the administration of Jinan, with a total area of 1,855 square kilometers and a total population of approximately 1.018 million. Situated in the core area of the Bohai Economic Rim, the city was ranked 34th in the top hundred small and medium-sized cities of scientific development in China in 2011.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "The successful bid for the Zhangqiu Project demonstrates that the Group has received recognition from local governments for its high-quality and high-standard environmental water projects. The acquisition of the project will further strengthen synergies between our various projects in the Shandong Province and enhance the strategic layout of our business. With the continuous development of Jinan, Zhangqiu, and other cities in the Shandong Province, Everbright International will continue to deepen business development in the province. No matter the size of project and its investment scope, we are committed to every project construction and operation and making a significant contribution to the environmental protection in the Shangdong Province.