News Release
10 Nov 2021

Everbright Water's Project Receives Second Prize of the 2020 National Science Progress Award

In the recent release of the 2020 National Science Progress Award, the research project on “Key Technologies and Applications for Intelligent Monitoring and Optimal Operation of Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants” (the “Research Project”) received the second prize of the 2020 National Science Progress Award. Everbright Water (Shenzhen) Limited, which is under Everbright Environment, was one of the key participants of the Research Project, which has transformed operation of waste water treatment plants from an extensive but inefficient approach into an intelligent model, enhancing waste water treatment efficiency.

The Research Project was carried out by the University of Science and Technology of China, as the lead, in collaboration with several parties, including Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Anhui Guozhen Environmental Protection Technology Joint Stock Co., Ltd. and Everbright Water (Shenzhen) Limited. The Research Project made breakthroughs in core technologies, such as real-time monitoring of microbial activities, multi-dimensional respiratory mapping of microorganisms, and intelligent optimisation and control. It has built a technology system for urban waste water treatment that integrates optimal design, real-time monitoring, and intelligent control and operation. The new system takes waste water treatment from an experience-dependent, extensive but inefficient operation to a data-driven, intelligent operation, thereby improving the operational and economic efficiency and stability of waste water treatment plants.

As one of the crucial businesses of China Everbright Group in the environmental protection sector, Everbright Water has developed a fully-fledged business coverage, including raw water protection, water supply, municipal waste water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, reusable water, river-basin ecological restoration, and sludge treatment and disposal. According to China Everbright Group's rolling strategic plan for 2021-2025, Everbright Water aims to seek business model innovation that is driven by technological innovation, to further improve its market ranking and become the second major source of growth of Everbright Environment.

The National Science Progress Award is China's top award in the field of science and technology. The awards are divided into five categories: the National Preeminent Science and Technology Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, the National Science and Technology Advancement Award and the International Science and Technology Collaboration Award. A total of 157 projects were shortlisted for the 2020 National Science Progress Award, including 2 grand prizes, 18 first prizes and 137 second prizes.