News Release
25 May 2021

Everbright Environment's Waste-to-energy Projects Shortlisted in First Batch of Green Public-Private-Partnership Project Case Studies by NDRC

25 May 2021, Hong Kong – China Everbright Environment Group Limited ("Everbright Environment" or the "Company") (SEHK: 257) is pleased to announce that multiple waste-to-energy projects of the Company have recently been shortlisted in the first batch of green public-private-partnership (PPP) Project Case Studies by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China ("NDRC"). These projects include Changzhou Waste-to-energy Project ("Changzhou Project") in Jiangsu Province, Sanya Waste-to-energy Project ("Sanya Project") in Hainan Province, and Yiyang Waste-to-energy Project ("Yiyang Project") in Hunan Province.

NDRC launched the assessment of green PPP project cases for the first time in 2020, aiming to allow the relevant demonstrative projects to play their leading roles, and guide relevant parties to encourage social capital's initiative and creativity, in a bid to enhance ecological conservation and environmental protection. In the meantime, NDRC targets to call for local government authorities and relevant parties to uphold the environmentally-friendly mindset, and promote advanced green technologies and concepts, so as to improve the effectiveness of ecological conservation and environmental protection. The assessment collected qualified green PPP project cases through recommendation from the provincial development and reform commissions and the open nomination. The eligible projects were then assessed by experts convened by the Center for PPP of Tsinghua University, in terms of the projects' demonstrative value, industry sectors, business models, etc. Everbright Environment has the highest number of projects shortlisted in the final list that consists of 16 project case studies.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Everbright Environment, said: "The inclusion of Everbright Environment's projects in NDRC's first batch of green PPP project case studies is a strong recognition of the Company's environmental contributions and achievements in exploration of the PPP model. It also demonstrates that the Company's relevant business experience and models are widely applicable, and has further cemented the Company's determination and conviction to build a community of shared interests that connects governments, enterprises and the public. Going forward, Everbright Environment will continue to uphold the corporate mission of being ‘Devoted to Ecology and Environment for a Beautiful China', give full play to the vitality and efficiency with its identity as the social capital, and fully leverage on the experience, technologies and philosophies acquired from the environmental protection sector. By building efficient high-quality green PPP projects that promote social inclusion, the Company aims to help local areas boost environmental, economic and social efficiency, while continuing to contribute to the country's efforts on pollution control and commitment to carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality."

Changzhou Project commands an investment of approximately RMB413 million. With a designed daily waste processing capacity of 800 tonnes, the project is expected to generate approximately 87 million kWh of green electricity per annum. As the waste-to-energy project that is nearest to residential areas in mainland China, Changzhou Project has been operating smoothly and in compliance with relevant emission standards for years. Operating in harmony with the surrounding residents, the project is considered a demonstration project that turns the "Not-In-My-Backyard" circumstance into a "community-friendly" situation. In 2020, the project demolished fence of the plant area, opened up to the public, and added a series of public amenities including a library, in a bid to pursue shared interests among government authorities, enterprises and residents.

Sanya Project commands a total investment of approximately RMB1.232 billion, has a designed daily waste processing capacity of 2,250 tonnes, and is expected to generate green electricity of approximately 258 million kWh annually. As a key project of Hainan Province and Sanya City, Sanya Project has formed high-level synergies with the Company's sludge treatment and disposal project and food waste treatment project in Sanya, which has effectively enhanced resource utilisation efficiency and improved hygiene in the city, facilitating Sanya's effort to become a "Zero-waste City".

Yiyang Project, which commands a total investment of approximately RMB861 million, consists of several sub-projects that are designed to process 1,400 tonnes of household waste, 100 tonnes of food waste, 10 tonnes of medical waste and 80 tonnes of sludge, on a daily basis. The project is considered a standout solid waste integrated treatment project in Hunan Province that covers the most comprehensive waste treatment services, and serves as a showpiece in the local ecological conservation and high-quality green development.