News Release
28 Sep 2021

Everbright Environment and Everbright Water Announce Multiple Appointments to Directors and Senior Management of the Companies

28 September 2021, Hong Kong – China Everbright Environment Group Limited ("Everbright Environment", 257.HK) and its subsidiary China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water", U9E.SG & 1857.HK) have recently announced multiple appointments to directors of the boards and senior management of the companies. Mr. Hu Yanguo, replacing Mr. Wang Tianyi, will be appointed as the chairman of the board and an executive director of Everbright Water. Mr. An Xuesong will be appointed as Chief Financial Officer ("CFO") and an executive director of Everbright Environment, replacing Mr. Raymond Wong who will retire from his current roles at the company. Mr. Tao Junjie, replacing Mr. An Xuesong, will be appointed as the chief executive officer (the "CEO") and an executive director of Everbright Water. The above-mentioned changes will take effect from 5 October 2021.

Mr. Hu Yanguo is currently an executive director and the vice president of Everbright Environment, and was previously the chairman and general manager of Everbright Environmental Protection (China) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Everbright Environment. Mr. Hu holds a Master's degree in Forestry Economy and Management from the Northeast Forestry University in China. He is a certified public accountant in China.

Mr. An Xuesong is currently the vice president of Everbright Environment, as well as acting the executive director and CEO of Everbright Water. Mr. An holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Jinan University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the People’s Republic of China and a Certified International Internal Auditor.

Mr. Tao Junjie is currently the general manager of the Department of Safety and Environmental Management at Everbright Environment, and was formerly the vice president of Everbright Water. Mr. Tao holds a Doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering from Wuhan University of Technology in China. He also holds the certificate of Certified Supervision Engineer and the title of Engineering Technology Researcher in China.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, Chairman of the board of Everbright Environment, said upon the Company’s announcement of the above-mentioned appointments, "Mr. Raymond Wong has been adhering to the rigorous, pragmatic, diligent and detailed working manners since he joined Everbright Environment more than 20 years ago. He has been offering exceptional contributions to the company in various aspects, and providing strong and sustained financial support to safeguard the company’s steady growth into the world’s renowned, Asia leading and China’s largest environmental enterprise. On behalf of Everbright Environment, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to him and best wishes to his future."

Mr. Wang Tianyi continued, "Since joining Everbright Environment over a decade ago, Mr. Hu Yanguo, Mr. An Xuesong and Mr. Tao Junjie have been extensively engaged in the company’s daily operations and management at different managerial positions, greatly contributing to the rapid and steady development of Everbright Environment and Everbright Water. We firmly believe that they will continue leveraging their extensive knowledge, experience and capabilities in operational management, and closely work with the rest members of the companies’ management teams, to continue leading the high-quality and sustainable development of Everbright Environment and Everbright Water, creating better investment value and undertaking more social responsibility."