News Release
27 Jun 2022

Everbright Water Secures Shandong Ji'nan Prior Zone Detonation Area Waste Water Treatment PPP Project

Singapore and Hong Kong, 27 June 2022 – China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water" or the "Company", stock codes: U9E.SG and 1857.HK) (中国光大水务有限公司), an environmental protection company focusing on water environment management, announced that the Company has secured Ji'nan Prior Zone Detonation Area Waste Water Treatment Public-Private Partnership ("PPP") Project ("Ji'nan Prior Zone Project") in Shandong Province, which involves an investment of approximately RMB299 million.

Located in the Ji'nan Start-up Area (previously known as the Prior Zone), Ji'nan Prior Zone Project will be invested in, constructed, operated and maintained, based on a PPP model, by a project company jointly established by, inter alia, Everbright Water and its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary Ji'nan EW Environment Management Limited (collectively, the "Company's Contracting Parties", which will hold 85% equity interest in the project company). With a concession period of 30 years (including one-year construction period), Ji'nan Prior Zone Project is designed to have a daily waste water treatment capacity of 40,000 m3 and a daily reusable water supply capacity of 30,000 m3. Such project involves the construction of an underground waste water treatment plant, with the above-ground area serving as a community park that benefits the neighbouring residents.

Since venturing into the Ji'nan water market in 2006, Everbright Water has secured a number of water projects to expand its business in the fields of waste water treatment and resealable water. With a total designed daily water treatment capacity of more than 1.5 million m3, these projects command an aggregate investment of approximately RMB4.7 billion and their service areas cover Tianqiao, Huaiyin, Licheng, Zhangqiu of the city. Some of them have been recognised as landmark projects: Ji'nan Waste Water Treatment Project was previously shortlisted as the only project from China in the "12 successful PPP case studies worldwide" at the Inaugural International PPP Forum of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, while Ji'nan Huashan Waste Water Treatment Project is the first fully underground waste water treatment plant in Ji'nan that adopts an operations management model requiring minimal manpower. Securing Ji'nan Prior Zone Project by Everbright Water will further expand the Company's service coverage in the city, enhance its overall service capacity and solidify its local market position. By leveraging on the relevant models and its experience in developing water projects in the local market, the Company will develop Ji'nan Prior Zone Project into a new landmark project and therefore, facilitate the high-quality development of the Ji'nan Start-up Area with its excellent environmental services.

In addition, Everbright Water recently secured Jiangsu Xuzhou Yanqun Household Waste Landfill Leachate Full-Volume Emergency Treatment Operation and Management ("O&M") Project ("Yanqun O&M Project") and Yixing Economic Development Zone Industrial Waste Water Treatment O&M Project ("Yixing O&M Project"). Yanqun O&M Project has a contracted total leachate treatment capacity of 175,000 tonnes, with an average daily treatment capacity of 1,500 tonnes and the discharged water complying with requirements indicated in Chart 2 of the Standard for Pollution Control on the Landfill Site of Municipal Solid Waste (GB16889-2008). The project will create a good synergy with Xuzhou Yanqun Household Waste Landfill Leachate Treatment Project, which was secured by the Company in 2018. Yixing O&M Project has a daily designed industrial waste water treatment capacity of 25,000 m3 with an O&M period of five years. Key indicators of the discharged water from the project will comply with requirements indicated in Chart 1 of the Discharge Standard of Main Water Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and Key Industries of the Taihu Area (DB32/1072-2018) and relevant requirements.